The beginning

The ADUF show was first designed after an invitation from Expo98 to José Salgueiro, and was based on a percussion instrument, made out of two boiled goat skins stretched in a square structure, that has been present in Portuguese folk music since early ages, particularly in women songs from Beira Baixa.
In the debut performance, it was important to link the past with the present, the folk’s traditional use of the instrument, as well as its most contemporary approaches.
The goal was to create timeless bridges, in order to get connections and sound contrasts.
The modern approach and what still remains of the most pure Portuguese culture mingled on the same stage, in a musical symbiosis between José Salgueiro – playing enlarged “adufes” with more distinctive sounds than traditional ones – and a group of traditional “adufe” players, from Monsanto.

The project today
Ten years after Expo98, the show couldn’t simply be the same as in the beginning. Time passes by.
The idea is to keep the same goal – bridges, connections and contrasts between the old and the new “adufe” – explore new paths, sounds, dialogues and artistic partnerships.
That’s why the use of media and new urban industrial rhythms is important, to testify the modernity.

The instrument
Inspired in Asian ritual percussion instruments – Japan and China – “adufe” suffers some changes in size, sound and the way it is struck, in this particular project. It ended up being renamed: Adufão (big “adufe”) or Trovão (thunder).
Simple cow skins, stretched in cedar or chestnut square frames, with 1.30m x 1.30m (4.27ft x 4.27ft) and 1.50m x 1.50m (4.92ft x 4.92ft), are struck with wooden sticks turning the original soft sound of “adufe” into a strong, low, telluric new sound, like the extraordinary energy of a storm.
The 4 mutant enlarged instruments – some recovered from the original project and some new – with their new looks, in a sound set of 8m (26.25ft) in length, become the main characters in the show.
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